Friday, March 7, 2014

A Few More PAEMST Pictures

Yesterday pictures were tweeted out by both the National Science foundation and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy of our PAEMST group.

2012 PAEMST Winners at the National Science Foundation
President Obama speaks to 2012 PAEMST Winners in the East Room of the White House
Obviously, all the winners are pictured in the first picture.  I got lucky to fit in the crop in the second picture (I'm in the top left corner).

The second picture was tweeted out with a link to the following article that described our visit to the White House and included several quotes from some of the other winners:  President Obama Welcomes Top Science and Math Teachers to the White House


  1. The top photo is one of hope! All of you return to your school and continue the great job that got you to DC. You inspire others. It's a Pay It Forward process! Thank you!

  2. So proud of you Michael can't wait for you to share pictures in person! Can't wait to catch up at Edcamp NEPA!

  3. Thanks so much for posting about the whole adventure. I am a 2013 winner, so we'll be taking this same journey in the near future. :)